What is Sool?

Explore Sool: The Heart of Korean Tradition

Sool is the essence of Korean spirit, a term that encompasses the rich traditions of rice alcohols like Takju, Yakju, Makgeolli, and the renowned Soju. The name combines the Korean words for water ('Soo') and fire ('Bul'), symbolising the lively fermentation process that resembles "fire water."

The Art of Making Sool

Sool's magic lies in its simplicity and the traditional trio of ingredients: rice, water, and nuruk—a distinctive fermentation starter that sets Korean brews apart. This meticulous process, involving various rice types and fermentation stages, crafts Sool's unique flavours and aromas.

Sool is mainly categorised into Takju, Yakju, Makgeolli and Soju, each offering a unique taste and brewing story.


Dubbed "sediment liquor" due to its cloudy appearance, Takju showcases complex layers and a bold character, often reaching above 10% ABV. This hazy beverage stands as a powerful tribute to traditional brewing methods.


This people's beverage carries the spirit of the land with its cloudy complexion and vibrant zest. Originally a by-product of Takju consumed by farmers, Makgeolli combines a lighter texture with a gentle fizz, making it a beloved staple.


Known as the drink of kings, Yakju's clear, golden allure represents the height of Korean sool. Crafted by separating and maturing the liquid from its sediment, Yakju offers a taste of elegance and historical depth.

Sool: A Cultural Connector

Beyond its taste, Sool embodies the Korean spirit of community and sharing. It's a companion to meals and gatherings, binding people through shared experiences and flavours.

Drawing inspiration from centuries-old practices, Yunguna infuses contemporary craftsmanship into every bottle, bridging the past with the present, offering both depth and accessibility to a new generation of enthusiasts.