The Yunguna Story

Welcome to Yunguna Brewery, where Korean Sool's heritage meets Copenhagen's spirit. Founded on Emilie's Danish-Korean heritage, Yunguna invites those curious about Korean traditions and the art of Sool making.

Our Journey

Emilie's exploration of her heritage took her to Korea, where she embraced the local food and drink culture, developing a passion for Sool, Korea's traditional rice alcohol. This passion, shared with her father, led to the idea of connecting Korea and Europe through their love for this overlooked beverage.

In Spring 2023, Yunguna Brewery was born in Copenhagen. Our launch, highlighted by a partnership with restaurant Koan, showcased our Sool's versatility. This collaboration kick-started our growth and set our sights on becoming Europe's top Sool producer, expanding across Denmark, Germany, Finland, Singapore, and more.

Our Mission

Yunguna aims to offer a unique flavour experience that opens doors to Korean culture, taste, and history. 

We seek to spark curiosity and share Sool's richness and versatility with new audiences, fostering moments that friends and family can treasure, around a special dinner or a creative cocktail. Yunguna is about creating shared memories and conversations, inspired by Korea's traditions.

Join our journey of discovery. With every sip of Yunguna, experience a story of heritage, innovation, and the power of food and drink to unite. Let's explore Korean sool together and forge new traditions.