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Yunguna Brewery



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Makgeolli holds a special place in the hearts of the people, embodying the rich cultural heritage and the art of fermentation. Bright, dry, tart, sour, and fizzy, Yunguna's Makgeolli is made to be easily enjoyed and as a great companion for any occasion. 

It is said that whenever it rains, Koreans have an urge to enjoy Makgeolli and Jeon – a Korean-style pancake. Cheers to the rainy days and the comforting embrace of makgeolli!

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Makgeolli is a perfect drink for any occasion where you want to indulge in light sool with a touch of freshness. The slight bitterness brings out the subtle flavours and is perfect to pair with food.


Fridge cold with Pajeon, a Korean-styled pancake with spring onions.

Flavour profile

Light bodied, tart, dry, bitter, sour with hints of apple and melon

10-12% ABV

Made with Korean rice – no additives

Allergens: Contains gluten

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