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Yunguna Brewery



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Takju, often referred to as "cloudy rice wine," is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. It has a rich history dating back centuries and remains a beloved part of Korean culture.

One of Yunguna Takju's standout features is tropical flavours created during the fermentation process. These subtle hints of exotic fruits add a layer of complexity to the drink while its creamy texture turns each sip into a sensory journey.

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Takju, with its versatile flavor profile, is a great choice for festive gatherings. Whether it's a lively family reunion, a holiday celebration, or a dinner among friends. 


Fridge cold and in a wine glass. Scallops, langoustines or pork belly are excellent companions.

Flavour profile

Full-bodied, notes of pineapple, lychee and mango

13% ABV

Made with Korean rice – no additives

Allergens: Contains gluten

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