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Yunguna Brewery



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Regarded as the top layer of refined sool, Yakju captures the essence of craftsmanship and cultural heritage. In Korea, Yakju is considered as one of the finest traditional alcohols.

The aging period of Yunguna Yakju can vary greatly, but importantly, the slow and gradual process of maturation allows the flavours to develop with nuance. With its butterscotch hues and umami undertones, Yakju is a flavour worth the wait. 

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Yakju is the perfect choice for celebrating significant milestones such as anniversaries, promotions, or achievements. Yakju sets the stage for meaningful conversations and shared moments.


Between 7-9 degrees celcius in a wine glass. Cheese, desserts or fresh herbs and berries elevate the experience of Yakju

Flavour profile

Medium to full-bodied, notes of butterscotch, pine nuts and umami

13% ABV

Made with Korean rice – no additives

Allergens: Contains gluten

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